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A Scandal in Bohemia!

"Careful, you don't want them to get used to the taste of flesh."

24 April
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This one time, in pirate camp, I killed man to watch him die.
I was once a Sinn Feiner and president of the Charleton Heston fan club. I like dancing in the rain, and long walks on the beach. SWF searching for LIATWP. that last part is just fun.
antiquated everything, arrested development, awkward moments, being dizzy about people, bob dylan, bob marley, booooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkssssssss, characteristic scars, coldplay, cynically beautiful poetry, damien rice, david bowie, feist, fiction, firefly, freaks and geeks, good conversations, happiness in bottles, hope in small places, koalas, marvin gaye, nico, not cold tea, peonies without ants, queen, rilo kiley, rolling stones, sondre lerche, syd barrett, the pixies, the velvet underground, the who, tulips, tuxedo mask, various bygone eras, wilco